Is the Facebook Dislike Button Going To Happen?!

How long have you been waiting to click dislike on that really annoying post or comment on Faceboofacebook unlike thumbk? Well soon enough you might be able to do just that! Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook has said they are now actually considering adding the dislike button that Facebook users have been wanting for so long.

However before you get too excited, he has said, that although he does want another option for Facebook users to express their emotion because like isn’t always appropriate, it may not be by the introduction of an actual ‘dislike’ button. Zuckerberg wants the new option to be a force for good rather than a force for bad and has worries that a ‘dislike’ button is too negative and can easily be used for the wrong reasons.
mark zuckerberg
We will have to wait and see what Zuckerberg decides on and whether or not it will live up to everyone’s expectations! What do you think about a ‘dislike button’? Is it a good idea, or will some people abuse it and ultimately lead to its removal?