Wearable Content… The Go Pro!!

The latest fad in gadgets has to be the wearable camera! Great for being able to document your life when you don’t even notice you’re doing it. So, we thought we’d come up 5 reasons why you might need a Go Pro in your life!

    1. Attach it to your musical instrument – Never get bored of watching a live performance with Go Pro! Turn your instrument in to the camera to give the listener a totally new experience! We loved this man and his trombone!


  1. Attach it to Sports Equipment – Try and be a bit different, instead of attaching it to your bike helmet why not try your hockey stick or your tennis racket.


  1. Attach it to an animal – Now we’re sure you’ve wondered what it’s like to live in the life of your pet cat or dog? Now you finally have the opportunity! The outcomes of attaching your go pro to your pet can be both catastrophic and hilarious.


    1. Put it in your washing machine – One of Go Pro’s best features is that it’s pretty much waterproof. This means you can use it almost anywhere! We think that the results of putting it inside your washing machine are pretty cool. You could even attach it to your lawn mower and watch the grassy explosion unfold.


  1. Action shots with your family – We all know that children can be mischievous, messy and funny all rolled in to one and attaching Go Pro to one of your youngsters can have hysterical results.


We’d love to see your videos of your experiments with the Go Pro send us your links below!


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