The snapping never stops: Why is Snapchat so popular?


Technology around us is constantly improving and new modes of communication are consistently populating our app stores within our so very precious phones!

I am more than sure you have already heard of Snapchat! The superb app that allows the user to take (or snap) a picture of something, give it a concise caption and instantly send it to any number of friends. ALL FOR FREE. It is no mistake this app has grown to become so popular and dominant in today’s means of communication.

So who’s using Snapchat? From the looks of it, it’s anybody ranging from the age of 14 to mid-30s (and any trendy 40 year olds) either male or female. Yes this app seems to appeal to so many as it really can be used for any purpose, showing off food you’ve cooked, new outfits or even to simply share your face with the world, and there are some pretty funny snaps out there. Snapchats most recent update featuring the “chat feature” has also led to the increase in the apps beneficial use. You can now send chunks of text to your friends and even see when they have read it. There is also a nifty live video feature in which you can live stream what you are doing to any chosen friend. This is similar to FaceTime however one hand must always remain on the phone or the feed will cut!

How much of a threat does Snapchat really pose to our other modes of communication such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and of course standard texting? Snapchats unique feature is that you can very easily share live pictures with multiple people instantly and easily. This alone makes this app superior to other methods of communication. However drawbacks such as disappearing conversations and limited viewing times on snaps make texting better for getting across any important messages.

Overall Snapchat is a great app to use and you’d have to be a caveman to not download it now! Get snapping!

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